Local journalists, PR professionals stress importance of media diversity

Several local Black journalists stressed on Wednesday, June 24, the importance of diversity in news coverage and decision-making so media reports tell the true story.

“Media and Racism” was the topic of a webinar hosted by PRSA Memphis and the Memphis Association of Black Journalists as recent events and protests have sparked national conversations about race relations and injustice.

Kenneth Worles Jr., president and chief creative director of Three(i) Creative, added that not only is it important to have diversity among the team that is creating a marketing campaign, but also among the leadership who approves it.

“Diversity has to be intentional,” Cook said. “It cannot just magically happen. Sometimes it does. But it doesn’t happen in the C-suite by chance. You have to decide if diversity is important and not just hire diversity at the entry level. It’s important to be in the room when decisions are happening.”

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