Friends don't let friends resist alone.

One problem we identified in the aftermath of the 2016 election was a knowledge gap for millennials who knew a Trump presidency would be bad, but didn’t know why. Our mission in creating this site was to make that knowledge more accessible to this group of young adults and then direct them toward actions they could take once informed. The website served as a hub for the policy goals of the Trump administration in its first 100 days and for the resources to resist them.


In building the site we had in mind not only targeted messages that simplified wonky policy, but also targeted messengers. We created a space on the site for activists who were the same age as our target audience to explain how their peers could get more involved. We revised some content as well as created original content that was marketed toward those people who were becoming interested in policy at a very basic level to provide entry points for people to become more informed that is sometimes missing from traditional media sites.


In the end, we hoped to have people be inspired by activists with backgrounds similar to their own and empowered by the information they had learned through our content to create a lasting pipeline bringing people from uninformed to engaged.

Resist 365 Website Design

In the first 100 days of the Trump presidency, our site generated thousands of views and hundreds of subscribers in more than 10 countries around the world. Most of our website traffic originated from Facebook -- which means we were bringing people who were previously only informed by their peers on social media to a site where they could get the news for themselves and form an independent opinion on it.


The most inspiring impact we had was that once people got on the site, they stayed on it. The average visitor to our site stayed on for almost 6 minutes -- nearly six times the average of most websites on the Internet. Most users stick around for less than 59 seconds, and 55 percent don’t even make it past 15 seconds. That tells us that users weren’t only enticed to view our website, but to also read and engage with our content.