N C T  &  T L C



In 2018, the National Center for Transgender Equality and Transgender Law Center launched Protect Trans Health to combat the stigma and bias against transgender individuals in health care. While the two entities had their own dedicated presence in the community and online, they needed help promoting the work of the new joint project. Although heath care issues faced by transgender individuals were well-known among members within the community, both organizations knew that building alliance with those outside of the community was key to raising awareness and making true impact through the work.



Three(i) Creative Communications was hired by the National Center for Transgender Equality and the Transgender Law Center to promote the Protect Trans Health project nationally. To do this, we offered four marketing services: Strategy, Design, Digital and Interactive. Conversation and dialogue were key to our strategy. We wanted to create mechanisms to ask questions and pose content that had the potential to get the general public engaged with commentary that could be shared digitally. We designed the Protect Trans Health website with graphics, chat boxes and forms that encouraged visitors to become involved with the movement. Through interactive we shared original and curated social media content to position Protect Trans Health as a subject matter expert and to encourage conversation and collaboration.


As a result of Three(i) Creative Communications’ marketing services for the Protect Trans Health project, the digital audience for the project grew and new leads were generated. The project met the goal of attaining 15,000 email sign-ups for the project’s new Issue Campaign. Within one month, the website generated 150,000 visits. Over the course of the project 132,400 sign-ups and comments were collected from the website. Through the project’s website and social media, 3.5 million people were reached. So much conversation was generated during the project that media, such as Out Magazine, also began to cover the work.