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In 2020, Three(I) was hired to develop the brand and campaign outreach to support new political action committee PowAR PAC and their goal to increase African American political power in Arkansas.

The Challenge

Arkansas has a huge African American population but has never had strong political power in their communities. As the rise of progressive politics as well as local voter suppression, PowAR PAC wanted to take advantage of the moment, and increase African American turn out to the poll - which would lead to increasing Black politicians in the areas that looked like them.


The Solution

Our solution was to develop and introduce a clear brand message that informs and inspires potential voters and donors, then execute bold digital, direct mail, outdoor marketing material that inspired black voters to take action in Little Rock - the largest black voting block in Arkansas.

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Our Results

With this, we were able to not only increase Black voter turnout in Little Rock, but we were able to help break the 1992 Arkansas turnout record - increasing turnout to 55.5%.




Awards Received

AAPC Pollie Award: 2021 Regional Direct Mail Campaign

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