In 2018, the majority-black Shelby County had not seen a mayor that looked like its constituents for nearly a decade. Yet, if anyone was poised to be the change it was current Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris. 


Born and raised in Memphis, the city that Shelby County encompasses, Mayor Harris was the youngest Tennessee senator and the first black leader of the Tennessee Senate after serving as Minority Leader. Mayor Harris was also the first black, tenured full-time professor of law at The University of Memphis. 


Mayor Harris held his first public office position in 2011 when he was elected to the Memphis City Council. There, he gained a reputation for being forward-thinking. In deciding to run for county mayor, Mayor Harris was challenged with engaging inactive young voters with his charisma while assuring seasoned, active voters of his acumen.

Three(i) Creative Communications was hired by Mayor Harris to lead his mayoral campaign brand development. To do this, we offered three creative development services: Strategy, Design and Outreach. In connection with strategy, we conducted brand discovery, field research and polling to understand how Mayor Harris was perceived and ways to strengthen his perception in order to engage voters. From our research, we decided to utilize bold design aesthetics for his logo, print and fundraising merchandise collateral, such as yard signs and t-shirts. This aesthetic was also carried into the outreach assets that were developed for his campaign, including multiple direct mail pieces sent to constituents.

As a result of Three(i) Creative Communications’ creative development with Mayor Harris, he was successfully elected Shelby County Mayor in 2018. Mayor Harris won his campaign by 16,487 votes with a turnout of 153,627 residents. Due to the success of the project, Three(i) Creative Communications has continued to consult with Mayor Harris on his personal brand, in addition to the brand of the mayor’s office through internal brand management, grassroots marketing, and collateral design.