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Your Annual Report Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Gone are the days when we used to send 50-page annual reports in the mail to supporters. These booklets are too time-consuming and expensive to end up in someone’s junk mail pile. Instead, try producing a digital-first annual report and print out a one-pager to send to your supporters who still prefer a hard copy.

Digitizing your annual report offers new ways to get creative with showing your organization’s stature, accomplishments, and stability. For example, a digital annual report allows you to make your data interactive. Add a slideshow of folks from your annual gala so that people can find and download pictures of themselves at your events, or create a timeline that shows off the history of your organization that isn’t just a long block of text.

You can also put a human face to your annual report without taking up too much space. Use a drop-down option to include a full-list of donors so that they all feel seen, not just the top donors. You can also use this option to highlight stories of folks who did outstanding work this year -- like the next generation of interns and fellows making the work possible.

The other great thing about highlighting your annual report online is that you can add elements like video. Record a quick selfie-style video of your organization’s president speaking directly to supporters about the work you did this year. Put together a highlight reel of your organization out in the field or at speaking at conferences. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth ten times as much. 

Having a digital report also allows you multiple streams of outreach. While some folks do still prefer snail mail, many others can be reached by e-mail, newsletter, or even social media. These additional channels of promotion will give you more bang for your buck.

Making a shift to digital can feel daunting, but with Three(i) creative sidekicks on your team, the transition can be fun, easy, and reach all of your target audiences -- from legacy supporters to first-time donors. Just ask the NPWF (National Partnership for Women and Families) about their 50th anniversary annual report experience. Shoot us a message to get started.

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