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TikTok for Non-Profit Marketing

Boasting nearly a billion active users on its platform, TikTok is rapidly becoming the most widely used social media platform in the world, making a case for the #1 spot in 2022 ahead of Instagram.


What was initially viewed as a children’s social media app has since blossomed into a widely used platform comprising a wide array of audiences, young and old. While you can still happen upon a trendy dance video from time to time, TikTok has become a database of content, offering videos ranging from how-tos and comedy skits to inspirational clips and news briefings, among other types of content.


The power of social media, and TikTok in particular, is undeniable, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs, freelancers, contractors, businesses, and non-profit organizations alike to boost awareness, spread education, promote their products and services, and grow their audience larger than ever thought imaginable.


As a non-profit organization looking to boost awareness surrounding an important cause, TikTok is the place you’ll want to place your focus regarding your marketing efforts.

Here’s how…


Promoting Your Non-Profit on TikTok


Withstanding that actual how-to guide for how to create a promotion on TikTok, there are also several tools, tips, and tactics to be made aware of in order to make the most of your marketing efforts.


As the old adage goes, ‘i fit were easy, everyone would do it!’. Luckily, we’ve curated a list of helpful promotional tactics so that you only need to worry about one thing: execution…


As emphasized already, TikTok is an incredible app for promoting your cause, getting discovered by target communities, and making invaluable connections. Below are several helpful tactics that you as a non-profit marketing department can employ immediately in order to successfully promote your organization and its causes.


Implement an Organic Hashtag Strategy


While we’ll get into the idea of paid branded hashtags shortly, let’s not forget about the effectiveness of a simple organic hashtag strategy. In short, an organic hashtag strategy involves choosing the right hashtags relevant to both your non-profit organization and its target audiences’ search queries and placing them intentionally in your content captions.


If the right hashtags are implemented, your video content will conveniently be placed amidst your target market’s TikTok feed. Pair that level of success with a trending hashtag and you’ve just found the winning recipe!


The hashtags that you opt to use play a significant role in the discoverability of your not-for-profit organization and its organic content. Simply start with 2-3 primary SEO-optimized hashtags and go from there! Note, however, that TikTok only allows 100-characters per caption, so choose wisely.


Implement a Paid AdvertisingStrategy


Arguably the most guaranteed strategy for success on TikTok is its paid advertising feature; if you’re lucky enough to be a creator with access, be sure to take advantage of it!


Similar to any other social media platform, TikTok paid advertising simply requires a business or brand, non-profit or otherwise, to pay the platform to promote its page. TikTok, in particular, offers a total of five types of paid advertising modalities: in-feed, branded hashtags, top view, branded effects, and brand takeover.


Without going into detail about each, all that’s required to employ a paid advertising strategy is a budget and a TikTok Ad Account. Once your ad content is prepared and ready to launch, simply choose the type of targeting you’d like to employ and allow the campaign to do the rest…


Self-Promote via Engagement and Consistency


Though a longer-term tactic, self-promotion is an often overlooked strategy for succeeding on an app like TikTok. Like the majority of social media applications today, Tiktok allows its users to interact in several ways including the comment section, direct messages, user tagging, and even via its exclusive feature of duetted videos.


By constantly interacting and engaging with your followers and being rigorously consistent with content creation, you place yourself in the best position for success when seeking to boost brand awareness, grow your following, and increase earned revenue.


Heck, TikTok even allows you to post donation stickers so that your loyal audience can contribute in a simple and streamlined manner! Ultimately, while committing to long-term self-promotion may oftentimes prove tedious and although it requires persistent effort, the results will show in due time.

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