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Proof of Impact: NPO Marketing Matters

Trust is vital for community engagement, which is vital for fundraising, and thus public trust is absolutely vital for all nonprofit organizations.

According to a 2022 report by Independent Sector, “Trust in Civil Society: Understanding the factors driving trust in nonprofits and philanthropy,” trust in nonprofits is down 3 points from 2020 (59%) to just 56% of Americans. While this downward trend is relatively small, it is statistically significant. 

“Integrity and purpose are critical to trust.”

Among those surveyed who do trust nonprofits, financial transparency and proof of impact are highly important. Communicating a clear organizational mission and demonstrating results are also key.

Let’s look at transparency and proof of impact - these are readily addressed with an annual report and/or impact reports. Sharing your financials is important, but any spreadsheet can achieve that. What spreadsheets and hard data cannot do (alone) is engage your donors and your community. They’re looking for proof of impact that goes beyond a pie chart. 

They’re looking for stories.

For the National Partnership for Women and Families’ 50th Anniversary Report, Three(i) showed proof of impact through a timeline. Through both print and online touchpoints, we uplifted different cultures and types of women to reach a broad group and tell a story that spans half a century.

When Community Action for Improvement came to us for their 2021 Impact Report, they weren’t interested in defining each program and how much money was spent. They wanted to tell the stories of people who were actually affected by their organization. 

Everyone needs an Impact Report, but there is no one way to approach it. Three(i) brings creativity to the table to help make sure our clients are telling the right stories to build trust and continue development successfully. 

Whether it’s a postcard, a narrative, a website, a collective effort among partners, or a video game, the right report can help your organization communicate clearly and effectively. A social impact marketing agency like Three(i) is helpful not only on the creative front, but as a third party looking at your data for the first time. 

Trust us.

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