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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising for Giving Campaigns Realness

Across industries, when it comes to moving your audience to do what you want them to do, there’s one tried and true tool: trusted messengers. We’re talking about those people who you look to for advice, expertise and ideas. Your friends, co-worker, or favorite niche YouTuber.

While you may not immediately think of peers and micro-influencers as worth your time or money investment because they have a smaller audience than a big celebrity validator, these smaller-time ambassadors for your work often have a more engaged audience. Their audiences are more likely to follow-through on an ask. They’ve been found to have a 60% percent higher engagement rate and 20% higher conversion rate than macro-influencers.

It works for consumer marketing: In which situation are you more likely to buy a new brand of skincare -- because your best friend has been raving about her results or because you saw an ad on TV?

It works for elections: Think about an election cycle where you haven’t had time to read the news, it’s Election Day, and you have a one-hour lunch break to cast your ballot. You’re more likely to remember the candidate that the politics major you follow on Instagram has been singing the praises of than you are any of the cold calls you probably left sitting in your voicemail.

Just the same, it works for nonprofit fundraising campaigns. The key is to tap into relationships with micro-influencers and build a peer-to-peer volunteer base ahead of your big campaigns. If you haven’t started yet, don’t freak out! Contact a marketing agency that specializes in non-profit and charity projects (like us) to help you create and execute a winning strategy.

And remember -- we’re looking at the long haul of engagement. So if by Giving Tuesday you don’t have your full line-up of micro-influencers already working to engage their followers, friends, and family members, think of the date as your audience’s first potential touch with them. A win here can look like a new share, an RSVP to an event, or even a request for more information that will eventually lead to a lasting donor relationship. Try asking the local community to sign up as ambassadors to build your micro-influencer database.

The magic of peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns is that friends don’t let friends miss out on great nonprofit organizations they need to hear about.

And you shouldn’t let your friends miss out on the next piece in our series where you’ll hear real examples of what our superhero clients are doing for their Giving Tuesday campaigns. 

This is part 2 of a 4-part Giving Season series with marketing ideas from a social impact firm based in Memphis, TN and Washington DC. Read more here: Giving Tuesday Should Be Your Kick-Off, Not Your End Goal and here: Giving Tuesday Strategies from Orgs Like Yours and here: Last Minute Giving Tuesday Tips

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