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Giving Tuesday Strategies from Orgs Like Yours

The best way to know if any communications tactic works is to test it. So for this installment of our Giving Tuesday series, we’re going to dive into what some of our clients are planning to put into practice this year.

Remember all that talk about peer-to-peer fundraising last week? Community Action for Improvement (CAFI) is using a tool called DonorPerfect to launch theirs. With this platform, individuals can create their own fundraising page with a personal goal amount of money to raise from their family and friends. They’re extending the “whole family” approach they take to reduce the burdens of poverty to their fundraising campaigns.

CAFI is also taking our advice to make Giving Tuesday a kick-off event, not their end game. Their board members are going to sell raffle tickets to their family and friends for a chance to win a special prize. This tactic will keep donors engaged beyond November 30 and might even make them look forward to giving again next year.

Meanwhile, the Wolf River Conservancy (a local nonprofit organization in Memphis dedicated to making a healthier environment for the future) has been keeping their audiences engaged all year long with creative events like full moon bonfires, volunteer clean-up opportunities, and a week-long auction celebration. So when the 30th comes around, it’ll be much easier for them to make the case to potential donors with their new video about their plans to build the largest urban Greenway in West Tennessee. The Greenway is more than just a line on a map -- it’s about connecting communities. And they’ve made sure to reflect that in their donor engagement, too.

Greening Youth Foundation (GYF) will be utilizing peer-to-peer tactics through their CRM and an email campaign for previous year donors / newsletter subscribers, along with organic and paid social media marketing efforts to bring the messaging home. Their Giving Tuesday campaign will last through the holiday season, with specific goals to nurture their West Africa programming. GYF's mission is to connect underrepresented youth to the outdoors and careers in conservation.

If you take one thing away from these Three(i) clients, let it be that the most impactful fundraising campaigns are the ones that reflect the values and mission of your nonprofit organization. 

Stay tuned for our series finale, where we’ll give last-minute tips to make the most out of your Giving Tuesday marketing campaign, for the procrastinators in the group.

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