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Everything You Need to Know About Billboard Advertising in 2022

The average driver only spends a few seconds glancing at a billboard ad, so trying to get your message across requires a great deal of consideration. And yes, billboards still work. Despite the popularity of digital marketing, billboard advertising still holds value in brand awareness and spreading vital information to your target audience, especially audiences without reliable internet access.  

With COVID cases declining, and people starting to go back outside, now is the perfect time to start your next out-of-home marketing strategy. Here are some helpful tips on how to build a successful billboard campaign for your organization:

  1. Location, Location, Location

    On top of the ad's content, location is the next most crucial element of a successful billboard. The billboard’s placement will determine the amount of reach your messaging can get. High-value billboards will have significant vehicle and foot traffic, meaning more eyes on the ad. However, with any good marketing, while volume helps, it's more important you prioritize areas where your target niche will be - whether it’s a particular neighborhood or commute route.
Three(i) Client: United Housing
  1. Have a strong call-to-action, while keeping it short and sweet

    When it comes to text, your call to action should be the focus of your billboard. Since most billboard placements are on busy roads, drivers will only have a few seconds to read your ad. Therefore, keep the wording short and to the point, while making sure your message tells your audience what you need them to do or know. 
Three(i) Client: River City Capital Investment
  1. Use readable fonts and colors

    Make sure your text is clear and easy to read. The fonts used should be bold, but the colors should also be eye-catching and stand out from the surrounding environment. This will depend on the location of your billboard, but make sure the colors chosen won't blend into the background.
Three(i) Client: PowAR PAC
  1. Build a campaign - not just one ad

    The beauty of billboard advertising is that it provides an opportunity to create brand awareness. However, sometimes you can't put all the information into one ad, so building a bigger overall campaign is important. An advertising campaign shouold incorporate different messages -and platforms- for one overall marketing idea. Strategically, billboard campaigns can help place relevant ads in relevant locations depending on viewing time, location, demographic, and call-to-action goals. But also keep digital, print, radio and TV in mind to maximize the overall effectiveness.
  1. Test Your Viewing Time

    On average, a viewing time for a driver passing by a billboard is usually about four seconds. However, this will depend on location, speed limit, and traffic. Testing a viewing time for each site is imperative when deciding which advert to use. Researching the area will help, but you can test it yourself (if you live nearby) by driving by the location to get a better understanding of the area. 
Three(i) Internal Campaign

These points are some excellent things to think about, but getting it right takes time and experience. As a marketing agency, we specialize in digital billboard ads and currently partner with Blip, one of the leading digital billboard distributors in the country, with more than 1,600 locations across the nation.  For more information about our services or any further inquiries, click here to contact us.

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