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2023 Graphic Design Trends

3i Designer Andria Patterson’s top 3 picks for the new graphic design trends of 2023 are:

  • Motion Graphic
  • Risoprint Reimagined 
  • Retro Line Art

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics and Animation have been trending for a while, and I believe that growth will continue for a long while to come. Still images are cool, however they’re not enough anymore - your graphics need to move. Motion graphics and animation catch an eye better than a still image. Seamless illustrated animations that can be created via Adobe Apps or Procreate are my very top recommendation.

Seeing that a lot of small businesses and even brick and mortar companies are steering more towards illustrations and animations, the years to come for graphic design are looking more exciting than ever. 

Risoprint Reimagined

Risoprint Reimagined 

I have been looking for new illustration types to work with, and Risoprint Reimagined is a design technique I am loving so far. It’s said that “Risograph was a mid-80’s printing technique developed by the Risco Kagaku in Japan. It paved the way for cheap bulk printing by using dots and desaturated colors, resulting in a grainy effect.” When I illustrate in Procreate, I use specific brushes and techniques to get this design outcome. 

Retro Line Art

Retro Line Art

The further we go into the future, the more we tend to make old designs new again. Just how fashion today is readopting Y2K nostalgia, retro line art is making a comeback. Retro Line Art is a minimal illustration type that uses a cartoonish style to make designs humorous and fun. Some retro line art may be seen on t-shirt designs, old Disney cartoons, and more!

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