Our Approach

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increase in Facebook Engagement

Client: Congressional Black Caucus PAC

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Our Approach


increase in Facebook Engagement

Client: Congressional Black Caucus PAC

A People-First Agency

Because we work with clients whose values we support, Three(i) is more than just a marketing firm, we see ourselves as the creative sidekicks helping superheroes with their communication challenges and aspirations.


The 3i 360 approach


Discover where you are now. 

We research and analyze the current perception of your brand and competitors’ brands. We identify attributes, functional benefits and emotional benefits that help your destination stand apart, assess all internal and external representations of the brand, and recognize the unique challenges that you face. How do you attract midweek and offseason travelers? We also take into account your industry landscape. What is happening in the world of your industry this year, this month, and this week?


The 3i 360 approach


Plan where you want to be and how to get there.

We set goals and define metrics to set a path forward. This is accomplished through the creation of a brand map and the development of a strategic approach to achieve your brand goals. We develop and refine your positioning statement, mission statement, and core values. We don’t make assumptions about the right ways of reaching your target audiences; we research their behavior and find out exactly where they get their information.


The 3i 360 approach


Bring the plan to life. 

We implement the strategic approach, transforming the visuals and messaging developed into the external manifestation of the brand. We establish your brand and your voice through consistency across all of your platforms. At the same time, we create personal advertising to cater messages to small niche target audiences. This is how we tell your brand’s story.


The 3i 360 approach


Measure performance and adjust as needed.

We perform ongoing monitoring to track metrics and adjustments, as needed, to reach goals. The new generation of supporters is staying digitally connected at each touchpoint in their experience, and we’re tracking with them. Evaluation is built into every step of our process, and we don’t let a single number slip by.


The 3i 360 approach


Recognize success and leverage for growth. 

Based on our evaluations, we determine the next steps forward through the analysis of results. We strive to continually build on successes, assess goals, and adapt the plan to meet new or updated goals. You know better than anyone else how quickly the tourism landscape shifts and develops. With the thousands of pages of new research and constant influx of patterns and data that mark the industry, our communication strategies are not static but constantly refined to stay on top of current trends.

01 - Explore
02 - Envision
03 - Execute
04 - Evaluate
05 - Enhance

Our approach to communications

Our Logic Model

Our approach to evaluating and auditing communication programs is grounded in the Logic Model. The Logic Model is a widely used conceptual tool in program evaluation that prompts evaluators to consider all elements of the program and the relationships between them.

The Logic Model understands that organizations – be they associations, governments or corporations – operate in a complex environment which can facilitate or impede their success. Organizations also interact with stakeholders as they operate: members, volunteers, voters, taxpayers, citizens or customers.

Communication programs – like any program or service offered by an organization – begin with the decision by that organization to invest certain resources. More often than not, these are financial and human resources invested in communication and marketing. Those resources are then modified through specific activities – from planning and creating campaigns to producing and distributing the key vehicles. In the case of communication programs, words, images and sounds are transformed into outputs: the messages, vehicles and activities of a campaign or program. If they reach their intended audiences, those outputs can be said to generate outcomes: messages that reach their intended audiences frequently enough to be noted and remembered. Finally, if those messages are effective, they generate long-term impact in the form of changes to awareness, attitudes, behaviour and relationships both among stakeholders and among the broader external environment.

The power of the Logic Model as a framework for evaluation and auditing is that it guides the evaluators in where to look for the contributors to success and failure.

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