M E M P H I S  B R A N D  I N I T I A T I V E



In the early 2000s, the city of Memphis earned a reputation as one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. Recent statistics, however, show a downward trend in crime in the city. Yet, the stigma remains and has, in some ways, overshadowed the culture of music, sports, civil rights and other positive contributions in the city. 

In 2017, the WeAreMemphis movement was started to change the city’s perception. Guided by the slogan #BringYourSoul, the movement’s mission is to showcase the city as a place where originality and passion converge to create change all due to the power of its people. WeAreMemphis is powered by the Memphis Brand Initiative, a collection of organizations and individuals that utilize best-in-class marketing and communication strategies and tools to have a positive impact on the entire community. As a majority-minority city, the initiative recently dedicated its strategic planning to engaging its largest audience.


Three(i) Creative Communications was hired by WeAreMemphis to engage Memphis’ minority communities in the work of the Memphis Brand Initiative. To do this, we offered six creative development services: Strategy, Digital, Inbound Marketing, Photography, Videography, and Interactive. The strategy centered on helping minority Memphians see themselves within the new positive image of their city. Through blog content, the inbound marketing simultaneously educated and empowered minorities to take the lead in their city. Through photography and videography, everyday practices, rituals and experiences that are unique to Memphis’ minority communities were elevated and showcased with pride. Through public relations and interactive opportunities, minority Memphians were able to voice their reactions to the content being produced and feel heard.


As a result of Three(i) Creative Communications’ creative development for WeAreMemphis, the Memphis Brand Initiative saw an increase in its reach. The project furthered the association of the city’s connection to the word “soul” through SEO optimization. Online we made impact through:

  • One video that reached more than 2 million viewers

  • Two blogs that reached by more than 3,000 readers

  • Social media posts reaching more than 5,000 users