June 1, 2020

We don’t know much about all the changes that the coronavirus will bring about in the next few months or how they will be implemented. What we do know more than ever is that everyone, every person and every business is in a difficult situation and the coming months will reveal the long-lasting impacts that this pandemic will have  on our world.

This sense...

March 25, 2020

Here's three platforms, you should consider when implementing your digital conference, convention, summit, or award ceremony this Spring.

I know you’ve received at least a million updates about what brands are doing as we face one of the greatest crises in recent history. Don’t worry, this isn’t that. This is for you, your organization, and your organization’s communication strategy during times of uncertainty. Our team at Three(i) is working hard to help our clients adapt to this new reali...

May 19, 2019

Imagine you get a new roommate. Other than the occasional hello and goodbye, they mostly keep to themselves. But slowly you start noticing they’re changing things. A new table in the dining room. A different painting in the hall. Your throw pillows somehow made their way into a closet in favor of theirs. Eventually, everything has changed, and while you c...

February 13, 2019

Users are already looking to connect, you just need to make your profile stand out

January 25, 2019

Add these protocols into your workflow to get more traffic to your website

January 11, 2019

Follow this simple process in three areas to avoid the New Year work plan scramble

November 27, 2018

Using a PDF as a Web Resource is like Eating a Salad with a Spoon

November 12, 2018

Among a frenzied election season with typically boring races turned competitive, and a higher than average turnout for midterms, there was one constant: text messaging. Campaigns across the spectrum used textbanking to send hundreds of millions of texts to their constituents urging them to vote.

And it’s not just political campaigns, advocacy campaigns are...

September 25, 2018

The other day I was listening to a podcast about millennial dating culture. It’s so easy to know what the person you’re interested in is doing at all times, the hosts joked, that we’re just lucky other people can’t see how many times you viewed their Instagram story. Otherwise you risk looking like a total creep.

But everyone does it. In fact, over 400 mil...

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