Prince George's County deserves action.

For this project, our goal was to create a brand for the campaign of our client, Hyattsville Mayor Candace Hollingsworth, that would help the voters of Prince George’s County District 2  understand that she was the best choice who will deliver results for their county. We used the achievements that our candidate had under her belt from previous public service experience, research on voters in the area, and opposition research of the incumbent she was facing to come up with a brand that showed she was the best candidate for the job.


Our client wanted to present herself as a team player, who doesn’t make unilateral decisions, but takes to heart the concerns and solutions of her community to help shape her policy positions. She also wanted to show that she could move the community from one that has the potential to be great, to one where that potential is realized and the district can become a model for other communities. A third concern of our client’s was to help grow her list of subscribers, so she could reach more voters and donors.

We started our branding campaign by creating a message box to use as a tool when creating both internal and external communications documents -- from website content to press releases. This helped ensure that we would stay on brand consistently. We then created a slogan -- deserve action -- that we felt best encapsulated how our client wanted to present herself and her campaign.


This slogan was short enough that it could be used on physical branding materials like stickers and as a hashtag on social media. The slogan is also solutions-oriented and shows concern for constituent needs. We also created a website, website content, and print materials to help spread the message. Finally, we created a week-long T-shirt giveaway campaign that was designed to make every community in the entire district feel heard (to help combat the opposition’s messaging that attacked our client for only caring about one city in the district) and to show that the district’s potential isn’t being tapped not because of the community, but because of the current leadership.


In the first weeks of the campaign, our branded materials -- stickers, a logo, palm cards, a website, yard signs, event flyers, press releases, a video script, and t-shirt design -- have brought in close to four hundred (close to 100 was the t-shirt week campaign) new emails and helped raise $15,000. And the campaign has just started.