A S T E R   P R E P

Preparing Students for Success.


Teshanda Middleton has studied elementary education, curriculum and instruction for nearly two decades. In 2002, she began her career as a public middle school teacher in Memphis. She went on to become a teacher development coach, specializing in literacy training. In 2017, Middleton was named a Building Excellent Schools Fellow, igniting her  entrepreneurial flame as she studied more than 60 high-performing schools across the U.S. In September 2018, Middleton founded Aster College Preparatory Charter School. The tuition-free, 5th-8th grade middle school was set to open its doors to its first class of 5th grade students, parents and guardians in 2019. Meeting enrollment goals by the anticipated July 2019 open date, however, required a variety of efforts.


Three(i) Creative Communications was hired by Aster College Preparatory Charter School to inform the public of the soon-to-open charter school. To do this, we offered six community engagement services: Strategy, Design, Marketing, Social Media, Advertising and Public Relations. Our strategy focused on neighborhood-based outreach. In connection with design services, photos were curated and graphics were created to spotlight neighborhood activities, community partners, and the school’s overall values then distributed on its social media. Both digital and grassroots marketing placed information about the school’s staff, building and curriculum directly in the hands of potential parents and guardians. Through advertising, such as media buys, and public relations, such as media outreach, the story of the school’s founder and her educational expertise was disseminated to the entire Memphis community.


As a result of Three(i) Creative Communications’ community engagement on behalf of Aster College Preparatory Charter School, the school met enrollment requirements by its opening deadline, additionally having to waitlist more than 50 students. News about the school, its founder, and its new students received various media placements, such as inclusion in one of the leading educational blogs Chalk Beat.