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About Us

Others prioritize pretty.
We prioritize action.

Three(i) Creative Communications is a social-impact marketing agency that helps do-good brands, campaigns and organizations maximize engagement, build community relationships, and craft winning messages to make change. We are a small-but-mighty team of creatives, strategists, thinkers and doers with locations in Memphis, Tennessee and Washington, D.C.

Let’s face it, there would be no Batman without Robin or Chuck D without Flava Flav. You need a sidekick that understands your industry, meets measurable goals, and amplifies your impact. Since our founding in 2017, we’ve helped more than 100 superheroes like you win elections, build their brands, and ignite important conversations.

We’ve got your back!

At Three(i) Creative Communications, our mission is to achieve the highest possible standards in all that we do.

Our number one priority and commitment is therefore to provide, at all times, creative and effective communication services which enables our clients to improve engagement and community relationships.

Our Values

Our values are both our identity and our promise defining and  motivating our every interaction with staff, vendors, clients, and community. Hanging belief statements on a wall isn’t sufficient – so we don’t. Effective values must be internalized, then intentionally practiced. We strive for that every day because we want to be an agency we are proud of.









Social Change




Our Team

Creative Sidekicks

Kenneth Worles

Super Power: See’s The Future

Domenica Ghanem

Content Manager
Super Power: Talk To Sea Creatures

Kaila Matthews

Operations Coordinator
Super Power: Super Mom Powers

Kevin Thompson

Senior Graphic Designer
Super Power: Move Things With His Mind

Diamond Young

New Business Development Manager
Super Power: Teleportation

Brianna Smith

Account Manager
Super Power: Control Technology

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